Robert Martin Ayers Sciences Fund Project Criteria


The fund is interested in three sorts of projects: Activities directly related to astronomy and education, support for "smaller telescopes", and projects that involve interesting, perhaps novel, telescopes, detectors, etc.

You can find a full list of the Fund's grants at the grants page.

Astronomy and Education

I support activities that get the public and especially schoolchildren interested in astronomy. This covers both semi-formal class-type activities and more general "introduction to astronomy" activities.

Smaller Telescopes

Elsewhere at this site I discuss the role of smaller telescopes.

As opportunities arise, I support the use of existing "smaller telescopes".

I am currently supporting the use of the PROMPT RC-16 telescopes at Cerro Tololo, via the University of North Carolina.

"Interesting" Telescopes

I would like to find opportunities to explore novel or unusual telescopes and/or instrumentation.

I looked at Lucky Astronomy when it was new, but then it "caught on" and is receiving ample support. I am looking at creating an "Incoherent array of smaller telescopes" per Disney.

I am supporting a whole-sky photometric survey by the AAVSO. It utilizes Astro-Systeme Austria astrographs of 20cm (eight inch) aperture.


If you would like suggest/propose a project for Sciences Fund support, contact me at my homepage